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Nouvelle Mushrooms is South Africa’s only large scale producer of exotic mushrooms. Our product range includes Shiitake and King Oyster Mushrooms. Complimenting the exotic range is Brown and White Shimeji Mushrooms as well as Enoki Mushrooms imported from accredited world-class suppliers overseas.

Harvested daily from the Nouvelle farm in the Western Cape’s scenic Hemel en Aarde Valley, the mushrooms are available at retail stores nationwide, and direct from the farm to the hospitality trade. Service is a priority at Nouvelle, and efficient delivery is guaranteed.

The Nouvelle operation is fully compliant with Woolworths exacting standards. Renewable, natural resources are used for the mushrooms spawning and growth, based on a special mix developed over a number of years.

The Company

Nouvelle Mushrooms was conceived by MD Schalk de Beer, an expert in food technology with an interest in optimal health.

Forming a partnership with CNC Exotic Mushrooms in the Netherlands, Schalk spent two years devising the technology to grow exotic cultivars in South Africa. A unique substrate was formed and is now made by bulk compost using natural, local, renewable raw materials.

The supplier of choice to the restaurant, hotel and catering trade, Nouvelle Mushrooms is also listed nationally with Woolworths, currently supplying Shiitake, King Oyster, White Shimeji, Brown Shimeji and Exotic Mix daily.

As the only local large-scale producer, Nouvelle Mushrooms is the sole source of same-day harvest exotic cultivars in commercial quantities.

Nouvelle Mushrooms is Global G.A.P accredited (GGN 4050373294090).

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