Modern Facilities

Modern Substrate Production Facilities

Nouvelle produces its own exotic mushroom substrate (or growth medium) using technology licensed from world-class producer, CNC Exotic Mushrooms B.V., based in the Netherlands. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our equipment and process systems to remain up to date with ever increasing quality standards and technology improvements.

Incubation, Growing and Packing Facilities

Nouvelle incubates its own substrate in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Due to the nature of the product up to four months of substrate production is stored at any given point in time. Matured substrate is transferred to purpose built growing rooms. The atmosphere in these rooms are controlled depending on the species grown but involves highly sophisticated control of temperature, humidity, air flow, carbon dioxide and oxygen content. Mushrooms are harvested, graded and packed seven days a week.

Regulatory Compliance

Nouvelle is a fully accredited Woolworths supplier. In addition to compliance with the uniquely stringent hygiene and ethical standards set by Woolworths Nouvelle also maintains full GlobalGAP accreditation.

Nouvelle has also recently embarked on the Farming for the Future Initiative launched by Woolworths and is also presently fully compliant in this respect.

IMPOrt Activities

To compliment our own locally produced species, Nouvelle has embarked on the importation of world-class quality mushrooms in line with our own exacting standards. To this end we have entered into an agreement with the only Global GAP producer in the People’s Republic of China.

We now import freshly picked mushrooms through a carefully selected airfreight route to cold store warehouses at both OR Thambo International as well as Cape Town International Airport. This has allowed us to add both white and brown shimeji mushrooms as well as enoki mushrooms to our basket of mushrooms.

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